Are you a “soft talker”? Does your voice sound, hoarse, raspy, strained or breathy? Do people often mention that they can’t hear you? Do people mention you talk too fast? Is this affecting your professional or social life?

Voice therapy could be what you need! A licensed Speech-Language Pathologist will first conduct an evaluation to determine areas of need and develop a treatment plan. We work with you to address your goals, increase your vocal skills, preserve vocal health and increase your overall speaking confidence. 

Voice therapy aims to increase your overall loudness and speaking skills. Voice therapy can also help with variations in vocal quality, intensity and pitch. In addition, rate of speech can be addressed as well. Many times, this is of unknown origin or it may be due to an underlying condition such as vocal nodules, vocal polyps, spasmodic dysphonia or Parkinson’s disease. Transgender voice and voice feminization services are also available for those who are undergoing or have undergone a transformation process.  

Therapy will often include vocal exercises, vocal hygiene and strategies. We individualize all treatment plans to meet your needs and vocal demands. We assist each person in finding their own voice!