Social Language, Thinking & Skills Groups

Between ages 5 and 18 years old, parents may notice their child struggles with any of the following social communication skills: Difficulty with eye contact, listening, taking turns and maintaining conversation; Interpreting facial expressions and non-verbal cues, and/ or prolonged difficulty coping with different forms of social interaction.

If this sounds familiar, our Social Language Group is available to address the core areas of such social communication issues. A speech language pathologist will work with each group member to hone in on Conversational Skills, Self-Regulation Skills (i.e. managing feelings and/or spacial issues), Cooperation with Others, and Generalization Skills (i.e. communicating and managing behaviors to adjust to specific social and environmental situations).

Executive function skills such as time management, attention/focus, problem solving and sequencing are also incorporated into the group as well. Groups are adjusted based on appropriate age. Each session is 45 minutes every week, over a period of 8 week sessions.

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