Reading Readiness & Literacy Groups

Soundbox offers literacy-focused group classes for pre-school age children, school-age children, and also other clients of all-ages. In all “Reading Readiness” groups, a speech-language pathologist will conduct a comprehensive, in-depth assessment of each client’s speech and language skills.

Through these group sessions, the pathologist will determine each patient’s language-literacy strengths and weaknesses, memory and phonological awareness ability, reading and sight word fluency, and reading comprehension both aloud and to one’s self.

Each class is 45 minutes in length, and each student receives 1:1 intervention, in addition to group work. The parent/caregiver will receive education ahead of the group sessions’ start date and also meets once a month with the speech pathologist.

Pre-School “Early Literacy” Book Club

Creating an early foundation for literacy has been proven to increase attention and listening skills, increase vocabulary, and decrease reading issues later in school. A speech-language pathologist will lead the group (ages 3-5) in basic vocabulary and grammar understanding; better understanding of sounds, syllables, rhyme, and hearing words; how to utilize print for reading and memory; as well as honing attention and early listening abilities. Each session is 45 minutes every week, over a period of 8 week sessions.

School-Age Book Club

Based off of appropriate age, we also offer our reading classes for school-age children (6-18 years old). These group sessions may be a good fit if the client exhibits the following issues: comprehension; following directions; memory; staying organized; listening and attention skills; and/ or difficulty expressing when they are confused or cannot understand information.

The speech-language pathologist leads the class in the basics of vocabulary and grammar, the foundation of hearing and identifying words, syllables and sounds (phonology), and understanding printed letters and their sounds, resulting in not only greater reading comprehension, but higher overall life skills and confidence. Each session is 45 minutes every week, over a period of 8 week sessions.