Comprehensive evaluations are conducted to determine the client’s unique development levels, and then assess conditions the client may have. 

Though the evaluation process varies for each individual patient, each evaluation includes the following: Standardized testing material for the client, informal assessment, observation, interview and a record review.

After the evaluation is completed, the results are used to develop personalized therapy plans, goals, and approaches tailored for each individual, based on current strengths and also those areas which may need further treatment.

All clients can be evaluated in the environment assessed to best suit them: In-home, in-clinic, or outside spaces such as schools. Any Soundbox session — for evaluation and treatment — can be assessed in agreement with our team for the specific environment and space that is best. All or several areas of speech and language skills will be evaluated, depending on the client’s individual needs. Areas assessed may include but are not limited to: speech, language, literacy, swallowing and cognition.

After each evaluation, a personalized report will be written by the clinician and reviewed along with you.