Soundbox Speech Therapy will be moving towards in-person therapy sessions as deemed appropriate based on needs and current conditions related to COVID-19. We are continuing to also provide speech and OT evaluations and therapy through tele-practice forums. Please find below the protocols that Soundbox clinicians will follow and those we ask our families to follow.

If you have any questions or concerns related to the protocol, please reach out to our office.

  • Clinicians will be wearing a mask to their best ability. We are encouraging all family members present to also wear a mask and the children if they are old enough.
  • We are asking families to try to clean any surfaces with anti-bacterial cleanser that will be used during the session prior to the appointment.
  • We are limiting all toys and/or materials brought into sessions to no more than three, which will be materials than can be thoroughly sanitized before and after each session. For instance an i-pad, plastic toys or games. You also have the right to request no materials be brought in.  Please advise us 24 hours before your appointment.
  • Clinicians will wash their hands or use hand sanitizer prior to all sessions and after. We encourage all family members present and the child to wash their hands before and after the session as well.
  • We ask that there be no more than one family member present in the room during the session.
  • Parents will be asked a checklist of questions before the initial session such as any symptoms or recent exposures. You will also be sent a document online to sign that reviews these measures and ensures that the protocols are being implemented by all parties.